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Three Things No One Tells You about Law School Classes and How to Become a Successful Lawyer



Taking up law school to become an honest lawyer who is going to defend the poor and the not guilty is just a dream shared by many soon-to-be-law-school students. The reality is somewhat different and it’s not as glamorous as Hollywood depicts it, so you need to know what expects you before enrolling law school.

Your law classes are nothing like regular high school classes

Law is an ancient art and it’s still taught by the original methods, one of them and the most popular, if not the only one, being the Socratic Method. This means the teacher is going to pick a random student and call him in front of the class to discuss a case.

This is a very effective method, which allows both the call student and his colleagues to understand the case better and remember them – humans subconsciously remember ideas better when they associate them with faces and emotions.

Another important benefit of this method is that it familiarize student with the reality of conducting a case as a lawyer, when they are required to talk in front of large groups. If you have stage fright or problems with speaking in front of people, it’s better to overcome them while you are in school, rather than deal with them in a real court, where your client depends on you.

However, there is a catch: many students feel they are being embarrassed by the teacher when they are called out, while some of the students in desks see the class as an opportunity to bully their classmates.

You are not going to become a book worm

You have a lot of reading to do in order to become a lawyer, but this doesn’t mean you have to wake up at 6AM and go to the library to read your materials. You can study when and how you want, as long as you are able to memorize the information and accumulate all the new things.

And there is a lot to accumulate in law school!

law-schoolHowever, forcing yourself into a studying pattern which doesn’t suit you; is not going to lead you towards Magna Cum Laudae, but more towards failure. Adjust your own studying habits, close the TV and get down from the treadmill, then find the best method to understand and learn the notes and do your reading. Organization and time management are crucial to master studying when you want to become a successful lawyer.

Learn to give up

In law school there is never “too much”; you can always do more, read more, ask more and study famous cases more. But you need to know when to stop. The path towards a successful lawyer is not walked by tired students who barely keep their eyes open for the classes. From time to time you need to unwind and put a stop to all that studying, allowing your brain to sediment the new knowledge before taking up new things. A fresh mind is always better at linking cases and laws in order to build a case, so get enough sleep and some fun, then go back and nail that exam.